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Wetlands are a significant natural resource, providing important habitat to many plant and
animal species, and it is critical that we protect our natural resources and preserve them.
Species such as migratory waterfowl require significant wetland areas to live and
reproduce and to use as waypoints during their spring and fall migrations. The U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers (USACE) tracks and monitors the impacts of construction projects to
waters, including wetlands, by enforcing the Clean Water Act to protect natural resources.

EQM’s natural resource scientists are ready to assist with wetland delineation and
permitting needs, including the initial determination of whether a potential construction
project will impact a wetland area. The ultimate goal is to ensure that projects minimize
encroachment into protected areas, however, if this cannot be avoided, EQM can assist
with permits required by the USACE as well as plans to mitigate impacts. Whether
residential construction, commercial real estate, or utilities, EQM’s wetland specialists are
available to ensure that our ecosystems are protected, and your project avoids costly

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